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In recent years, we’ve release several recording. Beginning with The 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time EP and Film in 2014 (I think), we recorded the Misc. Sessions at the venerated Abbey Road Studio 2, and have just release The Life of the World to Come EP.

The Story so far…

Many of you very kindly pre-ordered the EPs on Gumroad, or the latest release, Films: Past and Future – the instrumental compilation – on PledgeMusic. Neither has even been the perfect answer. Gumroad releases your very kind pre-order payments on the day if release (meaning we no budget before then) and PledgeMusic (at the time of writing) appears to have disintegrated – leaving myself to fund thecrowdfunder, and your payments for pre-orders to never reach the artist or project.

At best, has resulted in waiting until we’ve the means to proceed and a slow going process. At worst, it’s resulted in the Pledge saga.

As you know, I’m funding the Films: Past and Future release now.

But we though there are has to be a better way.

One where we could make a more recordings and not take so long. And one where, while that was happening, instead of waiting in the dark wondering what was happening, could could be part of the whole process from day one until the day of release.

And so

We’ll be starting with a couple of programs:

From Paper to Performance series

To start off with, we’ll begin with a series: From Paper to Performance. With this, we’ll take 14 or so old songs, recent songs, and new songs to make an album of ‘stripped down’ versions. We’ll be starting with you on the planning and ideas process, and taking that the whole way to release, from rehearsals to recording, to arranging and mixing, to the artwork and the mastering. You can have look at that here:

Frescobaldi’s Toccata – Remix and One-Off series

One where 17th C. late Renaissance and early Baroque music collides with 808s, synths, and side-snares as if they always coexisted.

At the same time, this allows us to so one-off and smaller scale things. Such as the Frescobaldi’s Toccata Remix. Here we’ll be taking the orchestral recording Frescobaldi’s Toccata (from The 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Times Sessions) and making into a new version (or variation) by adding a beat.

We’ll be making the source Logic, and Protools file available for any who want to do the same.

This remixes, one-off, and ideas series is for shorter-form pieces.

You can see more about the Frescobaldi’s Toccata Remix series here:

Digital Versions of Past and Future EPs

Other than that there will be new EPs, all digital releases for past and new releases made available, discounts on limited edition releases for all hard copies (vinyl, cd, other) released, and more.


In short film below we set out what is an exciting way to release more recordings, and to also step behind-the-scenes and be past of that process:

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