Frescobaldi’s Toccata: Remix

The Frescobaldi’s Toccata remix is part of the remixes and “one-offs” series (no doubt there’s a better name for that somewhere).

It’s a chance to do things that normally we could afford to focus time on.

One such thing is this remix. What we have here is the raw material: the orchestra and choir, and sounds and beats programmed in Logic (and at the moment powered by stock Logic Pro built-in effects.

This means you can download the Logic file (or all the audios files in any sequencer), and if you have access to Logic Pro (or ProTools or any other program) you can start at the same point we will, and create your own version if you wish.

Alternatively, you could simply follow the process where we take this as a starting point and create another version (or variation) of this piece.

Once the mix is finished is will be available for download (like all the EP past and future) as part of your subscription.

17th C. Baroque theme meets an 808 Drum-machine

What was always a possibility when recording this piece was matching something very old (a theme several centuries in style) with something very modern, and seeing if they both couldn’t be made to seem as if they

This is because unlike a lot of orchestral music (or a piece like Vale from the same EP) it was recorded at a steady fixed tempo (sometimes called a click track).

This means it’s possible to add beat, and other sequenced things.

To follow the progress of this, click below:

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