Upgrades: CDs, Books, Vinyl


All Films: Past and Future orders are going out now. BEING DELIVERED!

There are a few very limited amounts of additional books, CD, and Vinyl copies remaining.

If you want to add something to your order this can be done now.

Thank you – £15 pound voucher – £40 if combined with Account Credit

As a great ‘thank you’ to everyone who ordered on Pledge there’s also a voucher for subscribers of £15 off for any Films Past and Future item.

This (if added to the general £25 account credit) would allow £40 off any ‘Films’ item

How to use the voucher and account credit

After subscribing just enter voucher (Upgrades) before checking out – then, if available, check the “use wallet account funds” to apply the £25.

Film: Past and Future – Items

Limited amount of the following items are available. These include (click the link for the item):

One Item (Vinyl, CD, Book)  

36-page Limited-Edition Book (unsigned or signed)
Duel Deluxe CD Limited-Edition (unsigned or signed)
3 LP Vinyl Deluxe Editon (unsigned or signed)

Two Items (Book & CD or Vinyl & CD)

2 CD Deluxe Edition & Limited-Edition Book (signed or unsigned)
3 LP Vinyl Deluxe Edition (unsigned or signed)


All: 3LP Vinyl + 3 CD Deluxe Edition & Limited-Edition Book (signed or unsigned)

Films: Past and Future CD

Pledge Music

Pledge Music has now gone insolvent and bankrupt. As you can see here. Yet (despite the domino effect of that bankruptcy heading this way) it was a good experience and I’m delighted all the items are being delivered (al-be-it late). My apologies for the lateness. It’s been near impossible to have funds to manufacture and deliver the items. A list of the original items when first launched below. Click here to enlarge.

Other releases

The release joins other of this site (click on the release tag here for all) such as the hard copies of The Opening Trilogy, and the EPs with all available at 100% discount for subscribers. More to come…

The Opening Trilogy
Films: Past and Future Vinyl
Films: Past and Future Book

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