Update – Furious Angels (revisited)

Just a brief message to wish you all the best during this tough time.

Like you, we are not probably going to be able to work in the same studio/space in the next weeks. But intend to remotely (today we will look at TeamViewer).

The ‘From Paper to Performance’ series continues apace. See excerpt of all the pieces and ideas we’ve so far look at below.

What’s it going to come out as? The release will be Furious Angels (revisited) free download for all subscribers.

Furious Angels (revisited)

[Furious Angels (revisited) – Provisional cover]

The series will be released as the album Furious Angels (revisited).

As all the recordings look at pieces from Furious Angels but from a different time, at a different age, a different approach. This will contain songs and instrumentals, and a downloadable From Paper to Performance episodes.

A good example is There’s Only Me from the most recent episode below. After that, we move onto the next album.

List of the pieces we’ve look at so far in Episodes

Below is an update of all the recordings we’ve looked at for this release (and others we’ve made along the way) on subscribe.

1. There’s Only Me

2. Nothing At All

3. Furious Angels

4. Born Yesterday

5. Clubbed to Death II

6. Nowhere (starts at 00:55)

7. Left Me For Dead

8. I’m Not Driving Anymore

Other Pieces we’ve looked at (not for that release)

1. Before Dives

2. All Saints Day

3. Risky

It’s been a great experience working on those pieces in this new studio space. When we recorded the original recording it was in a recording studio, with an SSL desk, tape machines, and analogue outboard equipment.

Today – and for a long time – that is rarely how recordings are made. For me these new recordings I wanted to keep everything I though good about the first process – but working in the way people do now.

It’s been a long march from 22nd Sunday to Misc. Sessions to Life and to these recordings but were are ready.

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  • Roel
    Posted April 3, 2020 at 9:29 am 0Likes

    Risky sounds awesome, curious to the end result. Stay healthy !

  • XRay
    Posted April 3, 2020 at 10:38 am 0Likes

    Excellent work. Will this be released in the current subscription period?

  • tomstringer
    Posted April 8, 2020 at 1:36 pm 0Likes

    Keen for more content to download, 22nd Sunday is still on playback in my house ever since I got it.

    Stay healthy & best wishes!


  • micopero
    Posted April 18, 2020 at 6:12 am 0Likes

    Oh my God!! I just noticed you updated this article with the full versions!!! That’s such a happy day 🙂

    • micopero
      Posted April 18, 2020 at 6:15 am 0Likes

      Oh nevermind. I misunderstood, quite excited for the full release though :’)

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